Young Carer Individual Support - One to one time with a worker.

This is a limited service. Priority is given to young people whose needs may not be fully met within group work or who are experiencing difficulty in being part of a group.

Young Carer Groups - Organised activities, discussions, support and a chance to meet other young carers and have fun.

This is the main service provided at the project and offers young carers a chance to make new friends and get a break from their caring situation at home. As well as providing a safe space to talk about young carers’ issues it is also recognised that young carers need ‘time-out’ to just be a young person.

Residentials and Day Trips - Time-out from home. A chance to try new things and have fun.

From time to time and if funding allows, we are able to offer young carers the chance to get away for a week or a weekend if their home situation allows. We also organise one-off day trips and open days for young carers.

Information and Support - To enable young carers and their families to access other services.

We recognise that young carers’ circumstances vary enormously. We aim to support young carers and their family members, including the person being cared for, to find local services that will meet their specific needs.

Awareness Raising - Campaigning on behalf of young carers locally and nationally.

Through networking and partnership with other organisations, staff from TYKES aim to highlight young carers issues and inform other professionals in order to help identify ‘hidden’ young carers.


All our services rely heavily on funding, if you would like to help, please visit our make a donation page.